Forever Coffee Sleeve. Never throw away another one! Felt lined to keep your hand cool..

Farmers Market Tote. Just food grade burlap, no liner. Breathable. Great for tall produce and everything else.

Envelope style purse, with a soft cotton strap. Great for your wallet, keys, cell phone and sun glasses.

Java Suds-Made from green beans we roast ourselves. With or without grounds. Comes in a cute little burlap bag.

Full Messenger Bags. Fully lined with four inch flat bottom, three pockets and fully adjustable strap.

Medium size messenger bag. Fully lined, two pockets with fully adjustable strap

Backpack. Fully lined and expandable. Bottom and back are re-cycled jeans.

Java Scrub-Excellant exfollient made with ground coffee, coconut oil and either brown sugar or pink Himalayan salt..

Our classic open top tote. Lined burlap handle with adjustable strap. fully lined with elastic closure.

We are also able to make some of our products, such as growler carriers or unlined burlap tote with your own branding either labeled or screenprinted. Contact us for details.

Chic and utility in one tote.Made from foil bags that contained roasted coffee.

Beach bag. Large heavy duty bag

with  plastic coated cloth liner and very soft cotton rope handle.

This double growler carrier holds two 64oz growlers. Made of grain bags from the brewers themselves.

Never seen a French Press cozy? Fits standard 8 cup size. Lined  with a layer of felt. Elastic strap. Fits most brands.


By Vancouver Island Up-cycle and Design

Single growler carrier made from malt bags. Holds standard 64 oz growler

Our other than burlap up-cycled or re-purposed products


See our store for all the different graphics available

Coin purse. Fully lined with a velcro closure

Every bag is unique. Coffee bags from all the world, showcasing the identities of  individual coffee estates, provide a fun variety of graphics along with the different textures of burlap

Ever popular growler carrier. Bring it home safe and with style. Holds a standard 64oz growler.

Wine Bag. Fully lined. Great for yourself or gift giving. Fits a standard 750 ml bottle

We just don't like to waste anything. Key fob available in different lengths.

Large open topped tote with elastic closure. Fully lined with pockets and a soft cotton strap.